What is Sew Renewable?

As fabric content is difficult to determine, we have made our best guess at fabric content. Polyester fabric has a distinctive odor when ironed, making it fairly easy to identify. Other synthetics are more difficult and are generally simply labeled as synthetic or appropriate for clothing. When information, such as make and collection is available on the selvage, we will include it in the description. We have many selections that were originally marketed at discount stores. These fabrics are lower quality, as reflected by the price, but we have used them successfully from our own stash to make some nice quilts. They are particularly nice to use in scrap quilts. We just can't stand to throw them away!

There is also a collection of miscellaneous sewing notions and craft items, as well as kits available for purchase.

We hope you have fun shopping our "stash" for your next project!

We will have online purchasing availalble again soon!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order in the mail the other day. I am so pleased with my fabrics! They are beautiful and I'm very happy. And thank you for your excellent customer service :)


Awe, love the fabric, it is gorgeous! Thank you!


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